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My Story

I’m Tom, a health and fitness specialist with over 12 years professional experience, part-time athlete, part-time philosopher, full-time minimalist. I started the Minimal Fitness method on the growing realisation that, although clients were getting results they would struggle to maintain them, returning to me repeatedly to undo bad habits that crept in over time. I have always been passionate about helping people to make positive and long lasting change – surely there was another way to help them get fit, and stay fit, for life.

I decided to transform my coaching system to put minimalism at the heart of fitness. I created a program that debunks the myths surrounding short-term gains and weight-loss and takes care of clients’ wellness goals in the simplest and most direct way possible. This is so much more than training plans, rep-schemes and calorie counting.

The results keep flooding in. Clients are reporting increased lean muscle mass and energy which works with their busy lives and is easy to maintain over time. And what’s more, they also report a long-term increase in happiness and satisfaction in their lives. Winning.

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